WHAT pain in my wrist???


3 things

i've finished my 2nd project from loop-d-loop, and it actually fits! wooT!!!
it's the steek vest in chocolate brown recycled yarn, but i've yet to block it. :)

until then...
here's a meme! (i don't know what 'meme' is, but i think that's what this is...)

Three Things Meme

Yay! I was tagged by Cherryblossom. :)

Three names I go by:
1. kat
2. kathy
3. irate (old graffiti name)

Three screen names I’ve had:
1. frenziekat
2. xdaisy22x
3. katmeow

Three physical things I like about myself:
1. my hair
2. my nails
3. my jawline

Three physical things I don’t like about myself:
1. my undereye circles :(
2. my chicken legs
3. my lack of butt (so much so that I call it my concave ass)

Three parts of my heritage:
1. chinese
2. vietnamese
3. french (maybe...by a loooooong stretch)

Three things I am wearing right now:
1. jammy pants
2. undies
3. truth.com tshirt

Three favorite bands/musical artists:
1. atmosphere
2. the pillows
3. the unicorns (but there's so much to list! heh.)

Three favorite songs:
1. 'sad clown' - atmosphere
2. 'finished symphony' - hybrid
3. 'shine on you crazy diamond' - pink floyd

Three things I want in a relationship:
1. love
2. open honesty
3. adventure

Two truths and a lie
1. i play the ukelele.
2. roadkill makes me cry.
3. i have lucid dreams.

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to you:
1. height (5'6" + please!)
2. eyes
3. lips!

Three favorite hobbies:
1. Knitting
2. World of Warcraft
3. Thrift store hunting

Three things I want to do badly right now:
1. take off my bra. Hah!
2. get into bed
3. finish reading my book

Three things that scare me:
1. being shot
2. an intruder in my house
3. my kitties to grow old and die. :(

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. chocolate
2. internet
3. yummy food

Three Careers you have considered or are considering :
1. art teacher
2. cosmetology
3. veterinarian

Three places you want to go on vacation:
1. hawaii
2. japan
3. china

Three kids’ names you like:
1. kailyn
2. micho
3. grayson

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. discover how to alter the dna of kittens and puppies so that they stay small forever. :)
2. live on the beach
3. learn to cook most of my favorite chinese/viet dishes

Three ways I am stereotypically a boy:
1. i love video games
2. i can drink most under the table
3. i will check out another girl and comment on it

Three ways I am stereotypically a girl:
1. i get moody and emotional
2. i'm picky about my food
3. i spend too much time on my hair and makeup (when i allow myself)

Three celeb crushes:
1. christian bale
2. johnny depp
3. christian bale <3<3<3

Three people I am tagging:
1. knottyknitpicks
2. fridayschild
3. yahaira


stitch markers galore! and i got RAK'ed.

being "RAK'ed" sounds a lil painful, doesn't it?
but it's the funnest thing ever!
last week I received an amazing surprise in the mail...a package from miss Sandra "Wyldeyez"!
It is my first received RAK (random acts of kindness) EVER and it really made my day.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There's some....:
- denim colored sock yarn (because she read my mind all the way from Canada, and knew I've been secretly wanting to knit my first pair of socks.)
- black baby sport (mmmmm.....soft.....)
- a notebook (that expression is one that I have on my face all the time! heh)
- a jewel iron on flower (not pictured)
- some dpn's
- and loverly stitch markers! (can you believe it was her first attempt at making them? they are soooo loverly.)

And then today....
I received ANOTHER wonderful surprise!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a real surprise because I got it in my mailbox, and I don't expect packages from it.
i love the drawing on the front!
so what is in it?????

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the prettiest stitch markers EVER!!!
i <3 these so much.
the big ring one has even a small bell on it.
so i've been shaking it all night and asking Derrick, "LOOK! It has a bell! Aren't my stitch markers pretty!?!?"


My SP also included 2 that are made of earthy browns which I LOVE. Sandra sent me a pair too like that. I dunno how these gals knew, but I love earthy type stuff. :)

THANKS secret SP!!!

I've been a naughty lil detective and searching the package over for clues as to who my SP is. Heh.
So far, I know the package was sent from overseas. Or at least that's what I think. :)


of SMS importance!

I know some of the participants won't be doing the whole clue revealing thing at the end.
But I am! I love stuff like that and I think it'll be fun.

Or...you can always do your own revealing clue type thing.
For instance, (and I've thought of doing this) you could include your clues in your package and no name for the return address. :)

I just got done w/ all my clues in 10 minutes! So this won't take as much time/effort than you think.
I hope more will join in on the fun, because so far...this seems like the least time consuming and inexpensive swap!
I personally love this kinda stuff, but don't feel like you have to send me clues if you don't want. :)

ok, here is the important part....

!!!This is a clue for my SP!!!

Who am I?


oO flora, i adore ya!

this is 90% me being camera happy, and 10% knitting related.

does anyone else spend 2 hours at Joann's??? come on, i know i'm not the only freak w/o a life! heh.
so i spent 2 hours at Joann's yesterday.
i went to get stuff to make stitch markers, and supplies for the craftster knit challenge, and ended up buying too much stuff!
i couldn't help it.
i just get soooo many crafty ideas while i'm at a craft store.

and since there were so many things on sale, i made me a cheapy 1 minute project.
i can't have real plants and my boyfriend don't buy me flowers because my kitties will eat them in a second. so this is what I came up with...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

fake flowers - $0.56
acrylic cup - $1.15
glass rocks - $1.00

and walla!!! some plants in a cheap vase that my cats won't eat.
well, actually they did TRY to eat it, but threw up the plastic flowers. o.O

why rocks?
cuz i hate those icky green foam thingies other people use to make flower arrangements...and most importantly because they are prettier and cost much less.

i'm also using them to put into square acrylic bowls that will contain candles.
now all i need are end tables!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

oO yea, and because my moai needle holder got jealous that i wasn't taking pics of him...here he is.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

thrift store, $0.50! and just perfect....
i love the history behind these Moai statues from Rapa Nui (Easter Island).


My biggest knitting regret is laying on my dresser right now...

When I finally got the guts to knit something I could WEAR, I figured that the Glampyre Minisweater would be a good place to start.
I thought to myself, "oO, it looks simple enough. And it's small, so I won't feel like I wasted too much time if I end up having to chuck it. And oO...circulars!!!" Well, I wasn't so confident so I decided to knit it up in some acrylic yarn...ya know...just to see if I could do it.
Next thing I know, I'm having so much fun, and it's turning out great...
So I finished it hurriedly and put it on one breezy spring day....
only to curse myself for knitting it with ACRYLIC!!! It itched so bad.....oO man I was sooo annoyed. My first sweater that turned out amazing and I didn't mess up not even once and....and now I can't even wear it!!!

Every once in awhile when I pass by the dresser and see it, I try it on, only to take it off 2 seconds later because I can't stand how horrible it feels! I really wish I could wear it. :( And I can't frog it because it was my first sweater.... *sigh*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it makes me sad. :(


new update and WIP

yes, yes, it's been 2 weeks since my last post.
i'm so bad.
and i'm a slow knitter.
i finally finished my Slutty Tank (aka Steek Tank from loop-d-loop) and guess what??? it's too SHORT!!! yea, apparently I didn't gauge swatch very well, and LB Incredible is a horrible horrible yarn.
YES, I'm blaming it on the yarn!
Right now I'm working on Lelah in a peachy cotton/acrylic thrifted yarn. I'm not so sure the yarn is good w/ the pattern, and I don't even know if it will fit very well. LOL. This is my 3rd attempt because I kept messing up the first 2 times, and because I decided to go down a few needle sizes. The yarn looks shiney and icky in the photo but it's really very soft. I think I'll add a large green ribbon for the bow, or I might even gradually switch to a brown color, as I don't think I look so great in peach. We'll have to see.....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I admit I'm a perfectionist...and the uneven knit stitches on each end of the lace pattern REALLY BUGS ME.
I've been checking out everyone else's Lelah, and they look so neat and straight.
----What am I doing wrong here!?!? HELP!!!

oO also I'm super excited about the Stitch Markers Swap that just started!
If you want to see my questionnaire, just scroll down or check out the next page.
I've posted it awhile back.


bohemian rhapsody

so i didn't get the kitchen painted, due to me getting a cold. ergh!
but my desk IS up in the office, and my junk have already claimed it.

not much going on except that i'm knitting some armwarmers for the upcoming fall. and plus, i really need to do some stash busting!

i'm SO GLAD that bohemia is coming back into style this fall!!!
hello world! this means that for the first time in my life, i will be fashionable!